My Little Pony Review

Yesterday I received the My Little Pony Family Convertible to review, and let me start off by saying it arrived very quickly. The printed description I was provided with also came with a handwritten note, which I thought was super sweet. [Thanks Kaylie!] I opened it while Skylar was still sleeping so that I could check it out and take a couple of pictures first. It is very cute, the car door opens, the steering wheel turns…the attention to detail was just great. The convertible set came with Pinkie Pie, her mom, a convertible car, a car seat for baby, grocery bag, lunch box, and travel mug. We also got a dvd with ours and it was about 30 min.

I left it sitting on the couch when I went to get Skylar from her nap. She ran into the living room, looked at her cup sitting on the table, ignored me holding the diaper and went straight to the ponies. After I wrestled her away to change her diapers I let her have at it. She LOVED it. She got such a kick out of taking the ponies out of the car and putting them back in. The coffee cup, lunch bag, and groceries all can clip onto the legs of the horse and they actually stay. Pinkie Pie, Mom, and the car seat all had little holes in the bottom with a peg in the car so they stay inside of falling over and sliding around.

After a little while I tried to take these away to get another picture and Sky stood up, balled her little fists and screamed bloody murder until I gave them back. So if that is any indication, Skylar give it a thumbs up too. She even sat through both of the short movies on the DVD, my kid has never sat through an entire movie besides Princess and the Frog. We traveled through the house for the rest of the day with Pinkie Pie and the coffee mug (which she kept trying to drink out of). We brought out some crayons later in the afternoon and she was still more interested in the ponies then mommy. My boys will be here hopefully next week and I’ll get some updates on what they think, but I am already giving My Little Pony 5 stars! I definitely know what we are going to be getting her for Christmas this year, tons of My Little Pony toys! I would definitely recommend this to Any mom, even my boys like playing with the ponies we already have. She got such a kick out of brushing the hair, spinning the steering wheel, and opening and closing the door. This was an awesome product and My Little Pony was a GREAT company to work with. Thank you so much to Kaylie for sending this to us and making my daughters day.


I received this product from My Little Pony to review. I was compensated for my time with this product but received no other compensation. All views and photos pictured are completely my own. Getting this product in no way influenced my decision on this product.

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  1. Rebecca O'Brien
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 13:16:06

    Awesome review! I know Sky loves this toy! You better get Christmas shopping! LOL!


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